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Upcoming Events:

February 20 through February 28, Georgian Delegation will be visiting Atlanta through Open World programs.

Please visit our Facebook page to read about upcoming events and to better communicate with us

ATSCC Meetings:

Atlanta Sister Cities Commission meets every second Wednesday of the month, please contact Nina Tickaradze for further details at ninat@hallboothsmith.com.


Atlanta Tbilisi Sister City Committee & Georgia to Georgia Foundation work together to seek out, facilitate and promote social, economic, humanitarian and cultural interaction between Atlanta, GA, USA & Tbilisi, Country of Georgia.


Established in 1988 the Atlanta-Tbilisi Sister City Committee (ATSCC) is one of eighteen Atlanta Sister City Committees between Atlanta and various cities around the world, and endeavors to build economic, legal, educational, and humanitarian progress in Georgia. We believe, with efforts of our developing friendships between the two great countries we can assist and further promote stability and economic growth within the country of Georgia.

The Georgia to Georgia Foundation (GA2GE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. GA2GE is dedicated to following the philosophy of American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie "to do real and permanent good" in Georgia. The Foundation seeks to assist humanitarian efforts, promote education and cultural exchange, encourage sustainable agriculture, and ensure that the country of Georgia has one of the most efficient, open, and productive climates for economic development in the region. By providing practical education to Georgian professionals and expanding the horizons of Georgian students through exchange programs and education, the foundation is building a brighter future for the development of Georgia.


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