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Upcoming Events:

February 20 through February 28, Georgian Delegation will be visiting Atlanta through Open World programs.

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ATSCC Meetings:

Atlanta Sister Cities Commission meets every second Wednesday of the month, please contact Nina Tickaradze for further details at ninat@hallboothsmith.com.



December 1, 2009
Mr. John Hall, the chairman of the ATSCC together with Ms. Nina Tickaradze a volunteer of ATSCC will visit Tbilisi in early December. Along many interesting visits Mr. Hall & Ms. Tickaradze plan to visit IDPs and orphanges that ATSCC supports. The visit will identify current and immediate needs of the children in the orphanages and children living under current conditions as IDPS.

November 30, 2009
As the part of the State Partnership Program between the Country of Georgia and State of Georgia, Georgia National Guard will host members of Georgian Parliament. The guest will include Mr. Samson Kutateladze, MP, Deputy Chairman of Defense and Security Committee of the Parliament; Mr. Zaza Gelashvili, MP, Deputy Chairman of Defense and Security Committee of the Parliament; Mr. Stephane Tumanishvili, Deputy Chairperson of Security Counsil; Mr. Zurab Aroshvili, Chief of NG Department; & Mr. Zurab Tsertsvadze, Governor or Sachkhere Region. The delegation will visit ATSCC on November 30th where they will review ATSCC projects and future plans.

November 7-15, 2009

ATSCC hosted delegation from the country of Georgia with National Peace Foundation for the Open World Program Social Issues theme "Rule of Law". Purpose of this visit was to let Georgian Judges observe jury trial processes of criminal cases since the country of Georgia is adopting such processes for its court systems. ATSCC planned an extensive schedule for the delegation that included visiting with Federal Judges, observing jury selection process in Federal Courts, visited jail in Lake City with the Lake City Manager, Jerry Garr; reviewed case work and enjoyed discussions with criminal case attorney Mr. Buddy Parker with Maloy, Jenkins, Parker Law firm; visited Supreme court of Georgia and Appellate court; the delegation also met up with Emory Law School professors and enjoyed a class on Evidence. The visit was full of hard work but the delegation also got opportunities to visit National Museum of Patriotism, High Museum of Art, Georgia Aquarium & Hawks basketball game where they met with Zaza Pachulia native of country of Georgia. Overall the visit was a great success and wonderful friendships and business opportunities have developed through this collaboration.


September 19, 2009

ATSCC and GA 2 GA held its 2nd Annual "Taste of Georgia" Fundraiser to benefit Georgian citizens who lost their homes during the 2008 conflict with Russia and to build a playground for the children of IDPs. Honorary guest Sandra Roelofs Saakashvili, the first lady of Georgia attended the evening with the Ambassador, Batu Kutelia; Mrs. Roelofs was recognized with an award for her continues work to build relationship between the two Georgias. The evening included Georgian Dishes, prepared by local Georgian community, Jazz band, led by Georgian musician, display of Georgian paintings from Besharat Gallery were surrounding the guests, and Traditional Georgian gifts were displayed for silent auction. It was an unforgettable evening when all the friends of both Georgias came together to celebrate cultures of these two great nations.

For more pictures, please click here.

September 1-2, 2009
The intent of the Economic Forum is to provide "How to" information to both Georgian and United States current and potential business owners wanting to either do business from Georgia to the United States, or from the United States into Georgia. Over 200 business owners will be invited to attend and participate. ATSCC together with National Guard hopes that such event will assist Georgia and United States develop stronger relationship as well as assist with economic expansion of both countries.

May 26-June 2, 2009

In the summer of 2009, John E. Hall, Jr. the Chairmen of Atlanta-Tbilisi Sister City Committee (ATSCC) and a founding member of Hall Booth Smith & Slover, P.C. (HBSS) in Atlanta, GA and W. Scott Henwood, head of the Appellate Practice Group at HBSS together with Judge Herbert E. Phipps of the Court of Appeals of Georgia and Professor Paul J. Zwier, II of Emory University School of Law will be leading a teaching seminar on Appellate Review under "The Rule of Law" in Tbilisi, country of Georgia.

The primary objective of this training seminar is to give Georgian judges the tools they need to conduct efficient and zealous review of cases on appeal. With a focus on appellate writing techniques, oral argument, and legal research, the seminar will impart essential methods and raise the standard of advocacy at the appellate level in Georgia. The teaching seminar is a first time initiative where a law firm partnered with a major American University and with a renown jurist for teaching Appellate Review under "The Rule of Law". If successful, the project will lead to remarkable opportunities within the Baltic Region.

May 15-May 23, 2009
ATSCC will host delegation from Georgia with World Services of La Crosse for the Open World Program Social Issues theme "Legal Education in America". Delegates will travel to Atlanta on 15 May, 2009, and will depart on 23 May, 2009. The delegation will include 4 Legal professionals and one facilitator. The delegation will be housed by the volunteers of ATSCC and will visit local law schools, observe trials and visit law firms.


Delegation visit





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